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Kenya and Tanzania have so many sexy locations for shoots, it's hard to know where to begin.

Matt Albiani shooting May Anderson for Marie Claire USA

Matt Albiani shooting May Anderson for Marie Claire USA

We have a combined 16 years of major international productions between us: both editorial and commercial, stills and TV, for clients in travel, fashion—even for major Hollywood studios. Major VirginBush shoots include three for Marie Claire USA magazine, which appeared in 2003 and 2006, with renowned photographers Matt Albiani and Raphael Mazzucco respectively. Another shoot we just produced for Raphael will debut later in 2010, in another major US publication. (Watch this space.)

Every kind of exotic is possible here, from bush to beach, acacia trees to coconut trees, soft-green highlands to golden savannahs, big bull elephant in the mist to giraffe that eat from your hands, middle-of-nowhere desert oases to massive rolling coastal sand dunes, antique motor cars to butch Land Cruisers, rushing river gorges to turquoise seas, Colonial homes to romantic tented camps, influences both African and Arabic—all under our famous vast skies and with that incredible natural lighting that's a hallmark of East Africa. VirginBush Shoot can easily and expertly facilitate one location or many—let us concept the ideal settings for your story or product.


Contact VirginBush Shoot when all you know is that you need a foxy location that hasn't been done to death. We'll get your storyboards going, handle all the logistics (and then some—this is Africa, after all), through to wrap. No whining—that's our only rule.

Fashion Shoots produced by VirginBush Shoot

Marie Claire magazine cover, April 2006.

Marie Claire magazine cover, June 2006.


   Locations, locations:

Zen bush

Sexy Swahili coast

Marie Claire shoot in Lamu

Out of Africa

Giraffe Manor

007 bush

Luxe bush

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