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  • Plot a remote destination with your group over dinner and reach it by helicopter the next day. After a gourmet meal, overnight in a luxury "fly camp" and return to base the next day.
  • Horseback ride among giraffe and plains game with snowcapped Mt. Kilimanjaro as the backdrop.
  • Stay at the dramatic Starbeds where, high on a platform, you sleep under romantic mosquito netting and the celestial night sky.
  • Reach the remote tribes of Northern Kenya by camel or horseback expedition.
  • Spend several days with renowned elephant researchers tracking herds with GPS satellite technology at the Elephant Watch Camp.
  • Race down 40 kilometers of uninhabited beach in a sand yacht powered by Indian Ocean breezes.
  • Trek with chimpanzee in their native forest habitat, and rest at a stunning camp set on the shores of a crystalline lake.
  • Track leopard and lion with warriors from the Samburu tribe, then dance with them under the stars to songs of bravery, loyalty and prosperity.
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    All Virgin Bush safaris are customized to thrill and move you. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen!!

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