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New York Post

New York Post : LITTLE TERRORS: Some kids can't get enough January 2006


Kids once were satisfied with pools and macaroni art. Now, such simple pastimes aren't enough. And thanks, in part, to a 15 percent rise, since 2000, in adults traveling to resort hotels with children (source: TIA Travelscope/ Directions¨ by DKS&A), resorts are happy to accommodate. Here, 4 decadent programs.


A custom-tailored safari in Kenya or Tanzania presents kids with traditional woven sarongs and bronze paw prints and, for a fee, a spear specially decorated after their chucking lessons. They can ride camels and acquire basic bush skills (from $650/night for adults and $450/kids 12 and under, including meals and activities; [888] 432-8681, virginbushsafaris.com).

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